Portfolio Partners offers a broad range of insurance solutions, ensuring that the correct funding is in place should certain unexpected events take place. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and will tailor insurance solutions that suit any unique situation.

We offer a broad range of insurance solutions covering both personal and business aspects, ensuring that the correct funding is in place should certain unexpected events take place.

Our rural insurance solutions include Life cover, Health cover, Business Continuity Cover, and much more.

The team

Hank van Keulen

Hank is a Registered Financial Adviser, a Risk Specialist giving advice around personal risk insurance specialising in providing risk advice on ACC levy structure and protection for key revenue generating people in small to medium businesses. He is the principal and senior adviser of Portfolio Partners New Zealand Limited (PPNZL).

Hank has been in the industry since 2003 and has held senior positions in national industry organisation until 2013 when he started on his own as Portfolio Partners New Zealand Limited (PPNZL). He remains co-director of PPNZL along with his wife Jill. Prior to joining the insurance industry, Hank worked as a private security consultant after leaving a 15 year career as a Police Officer based in Christchurch.

Hank is passionate about ensuring that clients get the right advice and thereby get the right result should they need to make a claim. He believes “hope for the best, but, plan for the worst”. Hence, he developed and has always stood by the company logo “Creating Certainty”.

Hank and his wife Jill live locally in Rangiora. They have four grown children (yes, they do eventually leave home!) and five grandkids. Both regularly play golf, Hank being the current Men’s Club Captain in Rangiora. He enjoys playing golf (obviously), travelling, rugby and most importantly spending time with grandchildren.

FSP 718051        ph. 021 357 062

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Jill van Keulen

Jill is our Senior Administrator in the practice. Based in our offices at Niche Shared Space in the heart of Rangiora, Jill is the cornerstone of everything that happens within the practice. She coordinates all the client information and correspondence and, above all else, keeps the boys in line!

Jill comes from an administrative background starting as a civilian administrator for the New Zealand Police. Jill gained a vast amount skills, knowledge and training in various administrative roles for the Police from Records to Prosecutions Clerk and Criminal Intelligence gathering and dissemination.

More recently Jill ran her own small business which was a day spa in Christchurch for eight years, employing up to six staff. She definitely knows the issues of running a small business and the challenges of employees.

Jill enjoys and is very passionate about cooking – she has an extensive library of cookbooks and enjoys cooking for family and friends when time allows. Her passion for cooking is directly related to Hank’s waistline!!

Jeremy Goodman

Jeremy is a Registered Financial Adviser specialising in Personal Risk advice with a particular expertise in giving advice to small and medium businesses in ACC levy structure and keyperson cover as well as looking after the needs of “mums and dads”.

Jeremy has previously been in the industry and has collectively more than five years’ experience. After his first stint as an adviser, Jeremy changed to provide welfare care for disabled, a role he was, and still is, very passionate about.

Jeremy is steadfast in ensuring clients get the right advice. He believes very much in ensuring each client has their individual circumstances covered to create that certainty of outcome at claim time.

Jeremy is very passionate about everything he does. From his Ironman Competitions to having been a competitive PGA Golf Professional. His absolute dedication to what he does is evidenced by his sporting successes.

Jeremy and his wife Trina live locally in Rangiora. Jeremy supports Trina in her business as a Lawn Renovation Specialist, Mowrite. They have two adult children (thanks God!). Jeremy still enjoys his golf but in a more social environment. He relaxes by spending time with his family, well at least his wife!!

FSP 613049        ph. 021 191 9847

Peter Giles

Peter is a Registered Financial Adviser specialising in giving advice on personal risk insurance for everyday people. He specifically deals with Life, Disability and Private Health insurances policies ensuring the right cover for each client’s individual needs.

Peter has joined the industry after spending over 30 years as a PGA Golf Professional of which he has spent the last eight years of that career at the Rangiora Golf Club. He has spent many years as a very successful Golf tutor and coach.

After spending the number of years he has as a Golf Pro, Pete decided he needed to do something different. He spent a lot of time with PPNZL Principal Hank van Keulen and now has the knowledge, understanding and skill to give very good and sound advice to those that need personal risk insurance. His passion is very much giving the right advice and making sure his clients fully understand what it is they have.

Pete lives locally in Waikuku with his wife Nic. They have two grown children. Pete still very much enjoys his golf and is a member at Rangiora. He has retained his PGA Golf Professional status and still gives golf lessons on a regular basis. He plays as a Professional on the PGA Pro-am circuit.

FSP  597871       ph. 021 776 746

Ross Campbell

Ross is an Authorised Financial Adviser specialising in the area of Business Commercial Insurance and Asset Protection insurance, what we call “Fire and General”. He deals predominantly with small to medium business enterprises and provides this service to our clients. Ross’s qualifications and experiences are both impressive as they are extensive.

While Ross is proud of his many achievements within the insurance industry, it is his twenty years of business experience that are his greatest asset. Learning new things is a passion for Ross. He understands that you learn most when you’re fully engaged with real clients, facing real problems. You can learn a lot from studying, but when combined with getting your hands dirty, it is just different. He knows that experience gives you an advantage.

Ross has previously been a retailer, an importer and wholesaler of goods across NZ, worked as an Electrical Tradesmen and in the Automotive Industry. This experience gained over 30 years allows Ross to understand and appreciate where a business might be exposed to risks.

Ross and his wife Jan live locally in Rangiora, having recently moved here from down south. Ross and Jan have grown up children who have now “flown the coop”. Like the rest of the team here at PPNZL, Ross loves his golf and, to be fair, he’s not a bad player. This seems to be a common trait here in the offices of PPNZL.

ph. 021 521 651