Business commercial insurance solutions

Protecting your business and livelihood

As a responsible business owner you want to spend your time running your business and have the reassurance of knowing that regardless of what life may bring your way around an illness or an injury, that your business with continue to grow and flourish.

We are business insurance specialists who help businesses build tailored insurance solutions. You may know of someone who has suffered an unexpected event, often out of the blue, and you would have seen how this has impacted on their business and family. By taking the time to put a plan in place this can give you the reassurance of knowing that no matter what, your business and family will be financially secure.

We understand there is no single insurance solution for a business in the rural sector, which is why we work closely with you to provide insurance solutions that suit every aspect of your business, creating certainty that you are covered for any unfortunate situation that may arise.

A selection of business insurance solutions include:

Asset Protection

We work hard for a large proportion of our lives, to attain certain physical assets and a desirable lifestyle.

We want to ensure that all of these assets and the lifestyle that we and our family have grown accustomed to are protected. The right solution to protect these assets will give you certainty that all of your hard work is not in vain.

Insurance is an important part of that plan, but not just for the asset itself, but also in the event of health and disability, whether permanent or long term.

ACC Levies Structure

If you have an accident and are self-employed: If your business has run at a loss you may not qualify for weekly compensation and ACC will only cover medical costs. This could leave you, your family, your assets and your business at risk if you are unable to cover the costs of replacement labour or continuing business expenses.

Our business plans include an analysis of your ACC Levies. If you are Self Employed or a non PAYE Shareholder Employee, you do have options. Although ACC is compulsory they have an alternative product that can be more suitable for the self-employed.

Key Person Cover

An effective business continuity plan needs to consider every future possibility, including the death or disablement of your most important people.

Just as it’s wise to insure business assets against loss, its common sense to insure specialist or skilled people who use those assets or to create business profitability. Ideally, all identified key people should be covered, including yourself.

Key Person Cover injects cash into a business on the loss of a key person through death or disablement.

This money can provide funds for securing and integrating a suitable replacement, replace lost profits and help to reassure customers and creditors that the business is not experiencing a financial crisis.

Debt Protection

You need debt protection if your business owes money to Banks, Finance Companies, the IRD, landlord, staff, creditors or suppliers.

The early death of a business owner or key person in a business can be devastating for any business.

If you’re in a business partnership how can you ensure your business and your family’s best interests are looked after even when you’re not around?

Debt protection is designed to create the cash needed to repay business debt if an insured key person dies, is disabled or becomes critically ill.

Farmer’s Cover

As a primary producer, such as a farmer, horticulaturalist or viticulturalist, your livelihood depends on your ability to work.  So if you or a key person in your business is suddenly taken out of the equation through an illness or accident, how would your business continue to generate enough revenue to provide for you and your family?

Farmers Disability Cover pays a monthly benefit if you need to take time off work on the farm due to illness or injury.  It means you can hire a contractor to work on the farm and perform the duties that you would do until you are able to return to work.

These are only a selection of business insurance solutions we offer. We recommend contacting us so we can understand your situation, and from there can create a tailor made personal insurance solution for you.